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Did George Fox visit
North Carolina?

george Fox Pic.png

Yes, George Fox did visit Quaker settlements in America; in 1672. 

The map below shows where he visited, going as far south as what is now North Carolina.

Even before George Fox the English Quaker William Edmundson, who brought Quakerism to Ireland, visited North Carolina.  There is a marker in Hertford, North Carolina noting that both Edmundson and Fox visited Quakers in the area.

Edmundson Fox marker.png

Edmundson-Fox Memorial Marker


At the intersection of N. Church St & Newby St., Hertford, Perquimans County, NC


Inscription: Near this spot William Edmundson, an English Friend, held in May 1672, the first religious service on record in Carolina. Six months later, George Fox, Founder of the Religious Society of Friends also visited this section and held meetings among the colonists. Here were the beginnings of the religious life of a great state.


Erected 1929 by North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends.


-NC Friends Historical Society via Facebook, 1/5/2022

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