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Easter 2023

Choir Chimes

David Hobson, Pastor

Easter Breakfast

Easter Egg Hunt

Revival 2023
Jay Marshall

New Direction

Liberty Lutheran

Sunday Lunch


Rocky River Friends Meeting

Christmas 2022

Choir Chimes

Christmas Play 2022

Greetings from Bolivia

World Quaker Day

2022-10-02 13.01.54.jpg

Emma Condori Mamani
Bolivian Quaker
September 2022

Emma pulpit screen 2022-09-04 11.24.52.png
Emma Sun 2022-09-04 10.59.16.png
Emma Sunday dress 2022-09-06 15.14.02.png

Revival  September 2022
Willie Pickard

Ice Cream!!

revival 9.22 Willie J.J 2022-09-11 19.06.32.png
revival 9.22 Gales 2022-09-11 19.07.17.png
revival 9.22 Willie Pickard 2022-09-09 19.52.09.png
revival 9.22 Lutheran 2022-09-09 21.01.53.png
revival 9.22 Concord trio 2022-09-10 20.58.12.png
revival 9.22 ice cream smile 2022-09-11 20.27.32.png
revival 9.22 ice cream 22022-09-11 20.27.08.png
revival 9.22 ice cream 1 2022-09-11 20.26.54.png



 Rocky River Friends USFW usually meets monthly September - May at the meetinghouse, attends activities such as the NC USFW Spring conference, fall Annual Meeting and other activities (see photos below of the FEMAP tea at Springfield Friends).  See the link below for the NC USFW newsletter Carolina Woman, for news and reports about activities in North Carolina and worldwide with USFWI, United Society of Friends Women International.



Family Fun Day 2021

Time Capsule

Other Events

World Wide Quaker Day

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